Please click on appropriate gold-colored individual or couple Buy Now buttons below to register for the reunion via PayPal

PLEASE CONSIDER EARLY REGISTRATION!  It really helps us plan and make the event a success.  As an incentive, extra door prize entries will be awarded to early registrants as follows:

Prior to June 1st:  extra 4 entries

Prior to July 1st:  extra 3 entries

Prior to August 1st:  extra 2 entries

Prior to September 1st:  extra 1 entry

After September 1st or at the door : one entry and a $10 late registration fee

If you would like to help make the reunion a little more special, your donation would be greatly appreciated...

Prefer to donate items for door prizes?  Go to CONTACT US link above and let us know...



We will be publishing a list of registrants.  If you do not want to have your name listed, please contact us after you sign up.


If you need to have the registration fee reduced or waived, contact Paul Ferry at (763) 350-1496.  No questions asked and it will be strictly confidential.  The bottom line is, we want to see you at the reunion... 

If you're "Old School" and need to pay by check, go to CONTACT US link above, and send us a message...

Individual Registration $40.00

Couple Registration $79.00