See who you'll see when you come!  No reason to delay adding your name to this list of "cool kids"...besides it allows us to better plan for the event...click on the menu above to sign up....thanks!

Daniel Margo
Beth Rutledge
Jeffrey Rapacz
Jenneane Garmatz
David VanHeel
Linda Hallblade
Lynne Osada
Patty Ross
Dawn Parris
Denise Tiber
Jackie Schwartz
Kevin Flynn
Bonita Scofield
David Baldwin
Garfield Matson
Jeffrey Gould
Karl Dornfeld
Brenda Broxey
Brett Bullock
Carl Aften
Colette Okerson
Daniel Fundingsland
Leland Stoe
Mark Lapham
Nancy Mathiason
Nancy Prasch
Patrick Biegert
Sandra Kincaid
Steven Ach
Timothy Chouinard
David Looby
Diane Price
Gerald Morris
Todd Tessman
Tracy Klatke
Carol Anderson
Catherine Krutzig
Christine Shipman
Christopher Byrne
Darcie Norby
David Iacono
Jan  Eickhoff
Janice John
Jay Robinson
Jeanette Lee
Jennie Alberti
Jodi Fast
John Serrine
Judith Zimmer
Julie Pritchard
Julie Wozniak
Laurie Swennes
Linda Mingo
Paul Braun
Shonna McKinney
Stacia Hehl
Paul Ferry
Rebecca Snyder
Renee Bolduc
Roxanne Freund
Russell Weber
Sally McDonald
Shawna Hannon
Stacy Nelson
Steven Martinez
Susan Holy
Susan Schmidt
Suzanne Mitchell
Tamara Gardiner
Teresa Deyoe
Thomas Carey
Vernon Koslowski


        Weekend of:  September 6th - 8th , 2019

(updated  7/30/2019)

Classmates - 

                We need you to help us out!  The logistics of planning the reunion require us to make spending and buying decisions based on the number of  expected attendees.  Social media chatter indicates that there are several classmates that are intending on attending, but have yet to register.   To get an accurate head count, we need you to sign up now...  Click on the REUNION REGISTRATION link above to sign up now.  To maximize your fun, get a hotel room at the event site, by clicking on the HOTEL RESERVATIONS link above. 

                We are planning a full weekend of fun and friendship.  The general itinerary, still being finalized is:

​                                           FRIDAY:     Golf  at Sundance  10:00 am  (click on Friday Golf above for details)

                                                              Evening - Downtown Osseo  (it's Lions Roar weekend!)

                                    SATURDAY:     Noon - Lions Roar Parade (with a Class of 1979 Float!)

                                                                      ​4:30 PM - Social Hour at the Marriott Northwest

                                                               6:00 PM - Midnight  REUNION  at the Marriott                                                     

                                        SUNDAY:     Brunch at the Marriott

Please forward any questions, comments or concerns via the CONTACT link above.  Help get the word out by telling classmates you see...  Let them know this is going to be epic!

                                                                                          1979 Reunion Committee